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「Lin’s Wagashi Confectionery」, the traditional Taiwanese sweets that make you feel like in Japan.

Titled as one of the most old-town-looked streets in Taiwan, Dihua Street is not only well known for its groceries but also a famous spot for photographers. Walking down the street, you will notice a confectionary store called "Lin’s Wagashi Confectionery" selling traditional “Japanese wagashi”. The chef of "Lin’s Wagashi Confectionery" told us, after experiencing learning the skills of making sweets in Japan, he decided to make the sweets combined with the traditional Taiwanese elements and food with wagashi culture.


Among all the products in the store, monaka and pineapple cake might be your best choices concerned with the top-selling rakings. Rice-cooked shortbread pocket crust with sweetened red bean (azuki) paste at the center, monaka is so delicious that you couldn’t help but buy an extra box takeout for your friends and family.




As the pineapple cake selling in the store is made without water and comes straight out of the kitchen, the freshness and smell might really inebriate you! Not only the milky smell, but the crunchy texture also reminds you to have a cup of red tea along with the cake. Just like a French dessert! And don’t get too excited to know there will be an exclusive strawberry flavor in winter. Yum!!



The store has moved to Dihua Street from Nanjing West Road at the beginning of this year! While featuring the Japanese style interior design, you can find a space in the store to perform a traditional tea ceremony” Sado”. In addition, a few benches in the store also enable customers to chit-chat with their friends or families.


Want some yummy souvenirs for your friends or family? Be sure to stop by "Lin’s Wagashi Confectionery" and have a short date with the Japanese culture and sweets.






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